Fresh Mountain Air

Wowzer! One of my stated aims of this blog was to document – ideally in a humorous and irreverent way – the ups and downs of my lucky life close to the top of the Executive tree. It pains me to reflect that much of my recent musings seem to have documented the seemingly endless … More Fresh Mountain Air

Top 5 tips : How to Nail the Perfect Executive Interview

I believe in keeping things simple. So, here is the simple “tell it as it is” 5 key points for nailing the perfect interview, and getting that elusive big job. 1. Pre work. Know your stuff. Fail to prepare and prepare to fail. 2. Nail the first 5 minutes. First impressions are everything. Go overboard … More Top 5 tips : How to Nail the Perfect Executive Interview

Half a Yomp

My seemingly miraculous conversion from sloth to marathon runner has had some unintended consequences. The ability to view certain parts of my anatomy without the use of a mirror is one (not that I was ever a mirror loiterer in that regard I hasten to add). Another is the ripple impact onto the lives of … More Half a Yomp