Obliterated. A word that has a somewhat aggressive, action packed, and explosive feel to it, I think you’ll agree. Probably quite a good word if you are engaged in a ferocious battle and it’s describing the capitulation of enemy forces. Less so if it’s a medical description of your ankle ligaments. Indeed, my long suffering … More Obliterated

Mid-Fifties Beach Bum

So, it happened. Dream gig of CEO in ideal turnaround company pulling on all my decades of experience of people, customers and getting shit done. New investors investing. All signs, measures and “gut feel” heading in a positive direction after 3 years of real hard slog. What happened? You guessed it. Dumped out on my … More Mid-Fifties Beach Bum

Fresh Mountain Air

Wowzer! One of my stated aims of this blog was to document – ideally in a humorous and irreverent way – the ups and downs of my lucky life close to the top of the Executive tree. It pains me to reflect that much of my recent musings seem to have documented the seemingly endless … More Fresh Mountain Air

Alien e-Invasion

I started this post a few weeks ago, and in all good faith. A hopefully insightful and humorous ditty about the modern world and the pace of change, together with some fickle observations about its fairness, its quirks and its idiosyncrasies. How naive that all feels now. Pace of change has just met hyperspace, and … More Alien e-Invasion

Tales from the Vault : Formative work experiences and sticking your neck out

As you approach, pass, and then immediately try to forget being a certain age, you begin to reflect on the life and work experiences that have made you who you are. In the life learning or personal sphere this contemplation is often classified as something negative called a “mid life crisis” where you will suddenly … More Tales from the Vault : Formative work experiences and sticking your neck out