Half a Yomp

My seemingly miraculous conversion from sloth to marathon runner has had some unintended consequences. The ability to view certain parts of my anatomy without the use of a mirror is one (not that I was ever a mirror loiterer in that regard I hasten to add). Another is the ripple impact onto the lives of … More Half a Yomp

Top 5 tips on how to spurn a personal epiphany

I’m guessing that this slightly less than positive title may have a somewhat limited appeal and not a huge natural audience. I am of course aware that it’s more “en vogue” to eulogise to the world about the success of mind numbing spiritual self transformations, rather than the story of how to throw one away. … More Top 5 tips on how to spurn a personal epiphany

Lights and Tunnels

Finally the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be appearing. Regular readers (both of you) may have noticed that the tide of my thoughtful insights has flowed to less than a trickle in recent weeks. Also, the more perceptive of you (regular reader 2) may have noticed that the last blog I … More Lights and Tunnels