Lights and Tunnels

Finally the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be appearing. Regular readers (both of you) may have noticed that the tide of my thoughtful insights has flowed to less than a trickle in recent weeks. Also, the more perceptive of you (regular reader 2) may have noticed that the last blog I wrote, as well as being a while ago, carried with it a fairly clear cry for help. Well, good news. The corner has been turned and I’m hoping to get fully back on track doing what I love doing, very soon.

You see I started this blog with the best of intentions. To share my wit and wisdom with like minded individuals of a similar mind set and disposition. Banter and witty repartee would follow and it would lead to who knows where. I would also be able to share some of my thoughts and random insights into some of the marked changes that have happened to me in the course of my life and career journey – some minor and more recently, some radical. Finally, and most importantly I would actually be able to do something that I love. Something that makes me feel alive. Something that I’ve hankered for but never had the will or belief to go for before. Writing.

Recent weeks and even months have had more than their fair share of challenges for me personally, and in particular at work. My new found knowledge and confidence have taken a bit of a pounding and as such I have reverted to the ostrich technique, and this has certainly stemmed the creative flows somewhat. One of the many true cliches in life tells us that you can only really appreciate the highs in life if you experience the lows. Or as Ronan Keating put it more succinctly, Life is a Rollercoaster. Well I’ve been up, down and around the loop a couple of times now and am currently dragging the pod back up the track with my teeth. The secret? When you feel strongly enough about something, stick to it and stick it out, even when the going gets really tough. Grit and determination work extra well in adversity.

So back to the blog. Although I’ve loved writing it, I can’t help but notice that nine months in, and it doesn’t look likely to win a Booker prize or a popularity contest any time soon. And whilst content is king, and I still hope and believe I have something to say and maybe a reasonably interesting way of writing it, I also realise I am doing nowhere near enough. So from here on in, I’m going to make a few promises.

1. I will be more social. Currently I seem to be selfishly writing solely for me, and even more selfishly not reading anything from potential like minded souls. Not even looking in fact. Shocking. The most anti social soul on social media ever. I will sort it out. My genuine heartfelt thanks to the few souls who have read and liked my musings. I can’t tell you how much that has cheered me up.

2. A scribbled random article and one photo per week probably could be described as formulaic and perhaps overly simple. I will try to vary it up a bit. 

3. I have been meaning to build a bit more pazazz into my website. Maybe even a link to twitter for Gods sake. No more thinking about it. Instead I am the Nike ad from here on in. Just damn well do it.

It’s important not to overreach, so those are my pledges for now. I’m back, fixed, and with the blogging bit back between my gnashers. Watch out internet and watch out world.

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