One good day makes it all okay

Since launching my first-born blog into an unsuspecting universe nearly two years ago, it’s fair to say I’ve had a chunky sized helping of turbulence. Not as a direct result I hasten to add. There have of course been peaks and perks alongside the bumps and bruises, and as time goes on I’ve recognised just how important it is to make the most of every single one of those peaks. They can often seem sparse, yet are the very things that help you make it through the more frequent bumps.

Earlier this week was one of those rare days that I would modestly describe as the peak of all peaks – a zenith if you will. Those of you that have been following my ramblings in previous posts you will know that my seemingly thriving Executive life was dealt a significant blow by the arrival of whimsical Walter – our very own “Rock Star CIO” (Enter the Executive maverick : Rock Star CIO) Walter, it’s fair to say, has had a hefty impact, not only on my psyche but on many many others due to his sheer repulsiveness in almost every possible aspect – ethical, behavioural, moral, financial, physical – you name it, he makes it shudder – coupled with his seeming ability to get away with anything he likes. He is a man who effortlessly takes power by being a master of schmooze and manipulation and by very effectively spreading outright lies, and shrouds it all with a Trump-esque wall of an ecosystem, built around himself and himself alone. He plays his cards so close to his chest that they are likely nailed to the cavity where his heart should be. In short, he – and those like him – are what give fat cat bosses and the modern executive the bad name that most normal people believe to be true, and sadly, so often is.

This week, joy of all joys, he got his comeuppance. And best of all, despite being out of the organisation a while now, I was there to witness part of it. Fate continues to play an audacious and amusing hand. I happened to be sat in a lobby cafe churning out yet another application, when he stumbled past me, obviously noticing me and clearly not wanting to do anything other than put his head down and scamper off. I followed him unsubtly to the lobby lift (perhaps chuckling a little under my breath), as it was fairly clear that the large box of files, papers and computer equipment that he was carrying with him, were all heading up to the eminent employment law firm in the tower above. Two plus two doesn’t always equal four, but in this case somehow I just knew it did, and that his time had finally come. Further investigation revealed that at least my instincts are still trustworthy, and sure enough he had been “walked”. Seems that there was a rare old party to celebrate his demise back at my old company.

The reason for regaling this tale is not to gloat – well maybe a bit – but is instead to reflect, recognise and rejoice that sometimes in life, things do work out. It gives you faith and belief that perhaps – just perhaps – there is an overriding power that helps support right over wrong. Now I don’t mean to get all spiritual. Certainly religion is a subject I’ll leave to others, deep in a dusty folder alongside politics and the rights and wrongs of Bitcoin. But faith, and equilibrium and other soothers of the soul I believe are important, and worthy of further reflection.

There are many challenges to maintaining the equilibrium of our souls (don’t repeat that out loud in company). Natural disasters. Mass murders. Donald Trump. How can these things ever even happen if there’s an overriding power that helps right score a late winner over wrong?

Far greater minds than mine have considered and conversed about this conundrum, and yet to my knowledge no one has truly nailed a water tight patent providing the answer, at least not one that has gained any traction with the masses. For what it’s worth, here’s my stab at it. Life is a fusion of many things. Darkness and light. Art and science. Love and hate. Water and fire. Ying and Yang. And of course right and wrong. These things all act like a set of pendulums, forever swinging to and fro, with fate and timing being the prevalent winds that whisper through the course of every life, nudging us betwixt and between these constantly shifting pendulums. Obviously we have a part to play in our own outcomes with the choices that we make and the values instilled in us. Yet everything to do with life is a continuous balancing act, and is always at the mercy of these greater and somewhat random powers. We must choose our priorities, which help define our path, and then stick to that path as much as we can, often using or creating beliefs to help us do this. You may be rewarded or you may not. But one things for sure, when you do set your sights on the “right” road, full of ethics and generosity, you will certainly learn to celebrate the wins, and will feel that swelling of inner goodness and joy that comes from seeing virtuous choices being rewarded, and from evil being thwarted.

And for me? Well, I get that many will write this off as a bitterness fuelled portion of sour grapes, and tell me to just get on with my life and get over it. And I get that, indeed I tell myself exactly that a lot of the time. But every now and again you need to believe. Even if you don’t really know what it is you’re believing in. Right now, I’m a full on believer. Thanks Walter – finally. And goodbye…

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