The C word

Somewhere in the dictionary between Conspicuous and Contemptible sits the word Consultant. It sits there for a reason. Certainly, my experiences of the mainstream consulting industry have consistently been as disappointing and predictable as the average person in the street would expect. Totally detached from the reality of most situations, failing to recognise the challenge … More The C word

The Moral Olympics

The never ending cartoon strip that is The Trump Presidency has thrown up yet another interesting intellectual dilemma, aka the question of being morally fit to lead. It has led me to reflect on my time close to the hot seat of a number of big businesses and ask the same question of my peers … More The Moral Olympics

Dancing Robots?…Lifting the lid on the business conference.

Have you heard the latest? The robots are here, they’re smarter than us, they’re gonna take all the jobs, and finally they’ll take over and rule the world. And they dance. Of course you’ve heard it! You’re a leading or budding executive and are fully tuned in to the revolutionary robotic transformation in just about … More Dancing Robots?…Lifting the lid on the business conference.