The circular economy: the sunset for capitalism?

I came across a new one today. The circular economy apparently has replaced the linear economy. I must have missed the edict. It was raised at one of the new horrors of my ex-Executive life – the networking function. I tottered along with 200 or so others to a breakfast session with an eminent politician … More The circular economy: the sunset for capitalism?

The C word

Somewhere in the dictionary between Conspicuous and Contemptible sits the word Consultant. It sits there for a reason. Certainly, my experiences of the mainstream consulting industry have consistently been as disappointing and predictable as the average person in the street would expect. Totally detached from the reality of most situations, failing to recognise the challenge … More The C word

Modern Partnerships

I know that I’ve stretched my self imposed brief in the past but if you’re concerned that I’m venturing into territory best left to marriage guidance experts then I have two words for you. Don’t worry. That’s an erogenous zone I wouldn’t dream of infiltrating. No, this is simply my musings on the changing nature … More Modern Partnerships

Top 5 tips on how to spurn a personal epiphany

I’m guessing that this slightly less than positive title may have a somewhat limited appeal and not a huge natural audience. I am of course aware that it’s more “en vogue” to eulogise to the world about the success of mind numbing spiritual self transformations, rather than the story of how to throw one away. … More Top 5 tips on how to spurn a personal epiphany