Alien e-Invasion

I started this post a few weeks ago, and in all good faith. A hopefully insightful and humorous ditty about the modern world and the pace of change, together with some fickle observations about its fairness, its quirks and its idiosyncrasies. How naive that all feels now. Pace of change has just met hyperspace, and … More Alien e-Invasion

Shortcut to understanding your corporate culture : the company conference

The annual company conference. Or bi-annual if your company has started to struggle. I’ve been to a few in my time. I know that I should feel grateful and lucky to have had the opportunity. It’s a big expense for a corporate to take on especially in a world of ever diminishing returns. Only the … More Shortcut to understanding your corporate culture : the company conference

Day trip to China

It has long puzzled me why so many travelling business executives wear the “so busy working I saw nothing of the country” badge with such blatant pride. Instead they should be apologising for their own arrogance and stupidity. Just soooo busy! Indeed I have known many high level expat execs who have literally left after … More Day trip to China

Running a new city

No, I’m not the newly elected mayor of Milton Keynes. Although the prevailing tale is almost as unlikely. You see, I hate running. Always have. Pointless nonsense undertaken by masochistic narcissistic souls who have nothing better to do and no life. I learnt this early on, whilst trudging and floundering around at the back of … More Running a new city